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      AB型壓縮永久變形器  軒宇試驗機械廠 0514-86277924

      A AB type compression device of compression device composed by parallel plate limiter and fasteners with GB7759, ISO815 requirements for vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber at room temperature, high temperature and low temperature conditions, with a certain compression ratio, the deformation of rubber Determination of certain compression time. Two compression. The permanent deformation of AB technical parameter: 1. samples: A diameter 29mm height 12.5mm B 6.3mm 2. 13mm diameter height limiter height: specimen type A B compression rate is 25% 9.3When the compression ratio is 9.4 ~ 4.7 ~ 4.8, the compression ratio is 15%, 10.6 to 10.7, 5.3 to 5.4 compression rate is 10%, 11.25 to 11.3 5.65 to 5.7 3., the diameter is 115mm, the height is 110mm 4. and the weight is 10Kg

      一. AB型壓縮永久變形器 概述 
      二. AB型壓縮永久變形器 技術參數:
      A型 直徑29mm 高度12.5mm
      B型 直徑13mm 高度6.3mm
      2.限制器高度:試樣類型 A B
      壓縮率25%時 9.3~9.4 4.7~4.8
      壓縮率15%時 10.6~10.7 5.3~5.4
      壓縮率10%時 11.25~11.3 5.65~5.7
      3.外形尺寸:直徑115mm 高110mm
      4.重量: 10Kg

       江都軒宇試驗機械廠 版權所有 電 話:0514-86277924 手 機:15371292889 傳 真:0514-86277924
      地 址:江蘇省江都市真武工業園 郵 編:225265

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